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Parish Council
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Local Interest

Village Halls Available for Hire

The Village Halls website is now part of this website. Go to the Village Halls Section for booking details.

East Boldre WW1 Project

The East Boldre Airfield Remembers WW1 project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. More details in our Local History section.

East Boldre Hedgehog Rescue

East Boldre resident Louise Godden is a member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and registered with them as a carer.

Hedgehogs will be getting ready to hibernate soon.  They need to weigh 600g to survive hibernation. Putting cat or dog food out now, under a makeshift feeding station if you are worried about other diners, a few bricks with a roof slate on top or an upturned plastic crate with a 4 inch square door cut out, could save a hedgehogs life.

Click here to see who are supporting hedgehogs in our area.

Injured or sick hedgehogs need help.  or call Louise on 07595709617.

War Memorial Restored

Decades of wind and rain have taken their toll on the war memorial plaque at East Boldre Village Hall. Recently, however, the missing letters have been replaced and, as soon as the weather is a little warmer, the lettering will be repainted by Sue Adams, a village hall volunteer. The lettering was restored by Allstone Stonemasons of Southampton who offered their services free of charge.

Visit our Village Hall War Memorial page to find out more about the local soldiers who died in the two world wars.

East Boldre Education Trust

The East Boldre Education Trust has monies that could be granted to children who live in the parish and have educational needs or for very talented children.

Contact Jan Saunders on 01590 612085

Sports & Social Club Update

The East Boldre & Beaulieu Sports & Social Club building will be leased to the Swamp Rats Motorbike Club from 1st July 2012. Read more.

The Beaulieu Letters Restored

The Beaulieu Letters, which date back to the New Forest Flying School at East Boldre, are being restored and the restoration will be featured in the BBC programme, ‘A Great British Story’. Never heard of them? Read all about it on our Local History Page.

Speed Limit Reminder

Too many drivers are speeding through the village. Read more.

Join Community SpeedWatch and do something about it. Read more.

Village Halls

From Forest Field to Western Front

 Community Hub- Update

Available Now for just £15.

AClick image for more details New Book which tells the  complete story of East Boldre Airfield 1910-1920.

Click the image for more details. Click here for a list of local retailers or to have a copy delivered to you by courier.

Go to the Local History section

As most local residents know, after running the shop for fifteen years, Ian and his family are moving on and the future of the current shop and Post Office is uncertain.

The Community Hub Project seeks to remedy this by developing the village hall into a community hub which will include a community shop.

Community Hub

For full details, visit the Community Hub Website

East Boldre Tennis Club

Subscribe to the e-Newsletter

East Boldre has an active Tennis Club. New members are always welcome.

Click the image for more detailsNow the evenings are getting longer, why not play tennis with your family and friends, and get some exercise.

Click the image for more details. Click here for full details and a membership application form.


East Boldre Tennis Club

Summer term 2019

  • 7-11 year olds
  • Thursdays, 4-5pm
  • Free of charge
  • Everyone is welcome
  • If interested please contact us for more details: Jay Devonshire - 07768156513 or use our contact page.

Click to download a flyer

East Boldre and Beyond is a local newsletter delivered by e-mail. Find out what’s on in the village and get up to the minute Neighbourhood Watch alerts.

You can read the latest newsletter and subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.

School Fields Hall

New Exercise Class for East Boldre

East Boldre School Fields Hall is available for hire


is FAB, FUNKY & FAT BURNING. A complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music. Includes an extremely effective cardio session, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section tool. Every muscle in our body is worked! EVEN THE FACIAL MUSCLES!

Suitable for ALL fitness levels, ALL ages, shapes & sizes. Our trampolines hold up to 25 stone.

Starts at East Boldre Village Hall on 12 March

Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm







CALL MARIA 07564372477

ADD US on Facebook! FOLLOW us on Twitter!

Download a flyer here

Forthcoming Events

Village News

Neighbourhood Watch

East Boldre School Fields Trust

Summer BBQ

Saturday 29 June 4-8 pm

Click for a flyer

East Boldre Village Hall Summer Exhibition

Friday 26 July 2-5 pm

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July 10 am - 4 pm

Admission Free

Click for details

Click here for a full list of local events

Beaulieu Horticultural Society Programme of Events 2019:

Saturday 9th July - Beaulieu Horticultural Society's summer show at Beaulieu Village Hall.

Click here for full programme


Comes to East Boldre Village Hall

6:30 pm – 7:45 pm


Come and join me as we work our way through traditional yoga postures, working with the breath to aid flexibility, strength, bringing peace and clarity of mind.

Please contact: Dawn Wade – 07715406499

For the latest Neighbourhood watch information read the East Boldre and Beyond Newsletter here.

Go to our Neighbourhood Watch page.

Also in this section:

Go to our Safer Neighbourhoods Page


Community SpeedWatch

No Cold Calling Zones

Parish Council News

New Forest Association

National Park News

East Boldre Parish Council now have their own website.

Parish Council meetings are normally held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month at East Boldre Village Hall. For more details and to see the Agenda or Minutes for previous meetings, see the Parish Council website.


There are currently no vacancies on the Parish Council. Click here if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.

The New Forest Association, is a members based charity formed in 1867 to protect and conserve the New Forest.

Visit our website here and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Read our Newsletters and Presentments here.

Click Here to Read the New Quarterly National Park Newsletter.

The New Forest National Park Authority website lists many events and courses taking place in the New Forest. For more information and to book a place on one of these events/courses click here.

Local Volunteers Wanted

Watch Your Speed

Protect your bike

There are several opportunities for volunteers in the community.

Village Agents

There are 46 Village Agents in rural communities all over Hampshire. If you are interested in learning new skills, taking part in your local community, and helping older people to remain independent then Age Concern Hampshire needs you to be the next Village Agent.

Read more.

New Forest Voluntary Car Scheme

If you have some time on your hands, why not join one of the New Forest Voluntary Car Schemes. They provide transport and other help to people who cannot easily get out and about. Read more.

Community Buddy Scheme

The Community Buddy scheme is being run throughout the Forest by Community First New Forest.

The scheme provides a volunteer buddy service for young people with additional needs or disability. A Community Buddy is a trained volunteer who accompanies and assists a young person to participate in an activity they enjoy. Read more

Many animals are killed on our roads at night. Most are killed
by local drivers.

Kill your speed, not an animal.

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

Community SpeedWatch

Read more about this new scheme in our Neighbourhood Watch section.

New Forest cyclists of all ages are urged to protect their bikes from thieves by security marking them and locking them securely when unattended.

As an incentive to keep bikes secure, the Partnership is offering a gold standard D lock for just £16, available from New Forest District Council information offices. This is a much reduced price on similar quality products in the shops.

 For just £4 you can buy a neon yellow and silver cover that fits snugly over your backpack, protecting it from the weather and making you easily visible by other road users.

Read More.

Yoga at School Fields

Zumba Classes

Yoga classes are held weekly at East Boldre School Fields Hall.

Yoga 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Gentle Yoga 11:00 a.m. - 12:00

More Local Information can be found at Lymington.Com


zumba advert eastboldre.pdfZumba Classes Every Monday and Wednesday at East Boldre Village Hall

Community Events


Village Hall News

Our WW1 Commemorations were a Huge Success!

Click here for more information

The New Rabbit-Proof Allotment Fence is now complete. More.

Want an Allotment? Please contact the Parish Clerk.

More details on our Allotments Page.

Seasonal gardening tips can be found in the East Boldre Newsletters

The tremendous success of the recent WW1 event has triggered a number of new and exciting projects for the village hall team including the publication of a book covering the history of the airfield and the formation of a historical society to further our research and set up a permanent archive. If you want to get involved with these projects, please use our Contact Page to get in touch.

If you would like to add anything to this site, or comment on any of the information on these pages,
please use our Contact Page.

Links to other web sites are provided for your interest and for additional information.

Contributors to this web site and the Parish Council do not necessarily endorse any of the activities or views expressed in these web sites.

Website updated on 14 August 2019 

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Welcome to the East Boldre Community Website

About This Site

This web site serves the village of East Boldre, the adjoining hamlet of East End and neighbouring villages. These picturesque villages are situated between Beaulieu and Lymington in the New Forest National Park. Off the beaten track, these quiet country lanes are ideal for cyclists and the open heathland vistas offer myriad trails for hikers to follow.

In East Boldre and East End we have: Two pubs, two churches with halls, two village halls, a shop and post office, garage services, a football pitch, tennis courts and a playground. This website hosts pages for local businesses, clubs and societies.

Parish Council Notices August 2019

  • East Boldre Parish Council is delighted to welcome Lynn Clark, who was co-opted to the council on 13th August.  
  • Thank you to all residents who filled in the emergency plan questionnaires.  All information is now being collated and an "Emergency Tree" will then be created for the village.  
  • The Parish Council will run a refreshers defibrillator and CPR course for all those who received training in December 2018 and April 2019.  This will take place in January 2020.
  • For further information and to download minutes from parish council meetings, please visit the parish council website:

The East Boldre Social History Project

East Boldre Parish Council is about to embark on an exciting new project with grant funding from HCC and NFNPA. This will involve collating memories and social history from East Boldre residents who were born and brought up in the village.

This research will explore how the village has changed over the years. We will record and transcribe memories from residents, then create an interpretation trail linking the village together and forming a community thread.

The trail will run from Hatchet Pond to East End, providing fascinating social history interpretation which will be sited in the BT kiosks as well as in other village locations. Interpretation will include QR codes which link to the Parish Council website where more extensive information and audio transcriptions will be available.

There will be plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved throughout the project, with creative roadshows and a community celebration when the project is complete.

Consolidation of All Allotment Plots onto Allotment 1

Parish Clerk - Mrs N Curzon

PO Box 389


SO41 1BG

O7562 985 631

12th July 2019

With much thought and deliberation over the past few months, the parish council raised a proposal to consolidate all allotment plots onto allotment site 1, at the Parish Council Meeting on 9th July 2019.  

East Boldre Parish Council rent the land on which the allotments are situated from the Forestry England.  The agreement is that this land will be used for garden allotments.  The allotments act 1908-1950 states that garden allotment plots must be used to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables for personal consumption only.  Following consultation and guidance from the NSALG legal team, the council gave notice to terminate the leases of plots 12-24 and plots 27-31 inclusively, which must be vacated by 1st April 2020 because the plot holders were growing produce which are considered commercial ententes.  It is abundantly clear that the space at allotment 1 meets all the requirements for allotments. There is therefore no case for holding allotment site 2 unless there is a major campaign to find many more allotment holders from within the parish. Previous campaigns have not been successful, there is currently no waiting list for plots.

Any future use of the allotment land is in the responsibility of Forestry England not the parish council.  East Boldre Parish Council might choose to delay giving the land back in order to gain some other advantage.  This is the best the parish council can do.

Residents of the parish may wish to express their views in writing to the parish council by Friday 26th July.  All views will be considered before our next meeting on August 13th and a decision made at this meeting.

Nicola Curzon

Parish Clerk

Development of the East Boldre Emergency Plan

You may know that a working group for the Parish Council is in the process of developing an Emergency Plan for the Parish. An essential part of this development is to distribute questionnaires to all households seeking your support as volunteers to assist the village in the event of a serious incident, like a major fire or weather/loss of power event.

If you have received a form and would like to help but have not yet completed it, could we encourage you to do so. Forms can preferably be returned via the village shop or you can leave a message with your address on 612858 for it to be collected. If you do not have a form blank versions are available in the village shop.

Many households have, thank you, already offered their help as well as a number of significant local businesses. Any further assistance offered will give us more flexibility in the unlikely event of an incident; so if you're able and willing to help please complete the form.

We are already drafting the plan later in the year it will go the Hampshire Council for approval. Once approved it can be called into action by the Emergency services or by ourselves if necessary. An approved plan also allows to apply for Grants to support our emergency support and recovery activities.

Saturday Bus Service Cancelled

Due to Hampshire County Council cuts, the 112 Saturday bus service ceased running in April this year. At the request of the Parish Council, HCC invited tenders for a replacement taxi or minibus service replacing the bus service once a day on a Saturday. Only one company responded, unfortunately their quote was excessive and would be unsustainable.

The Parish Council has been working hard to find alternative transport to replace the bus service:

  • Good neighbours network has volunteer drivers who can offer a lift to vulnerable residents who need to get to medical appointments: 01590679187.
  • Lymington Voluntary Care Group offer a similar service: 01590 679187.
  • There is also an opportunity for volunteers in East Boldre to set up and manage a lift sharing initiative. In the spirit of the village community, lift sharing would need to be organised on a casual basis and could not involve the parish council for legal and insurance purposes. The advantages of lift sharing are bountiful; car sharing reduces your carbon footprint, it saves money, reduces traffic, makes parking easier, encourages community spirit and forges friendships. The parish council are asking residents to look out for neighbours and offer a helping hand where they can.
  • There are several websites which have been set up to encourage car sharing, Go Car Share already has drivers in the New Forest. It is straightforward to log on and register as a driver or someone requiring a lift.
  • The council is also looking into the possibility of working with Community First New Forest, who hire out their minibuses and have a list of Midas trained drivers who might be prepared to run a return service on a Saturday. Before setting up a replacement minibus service, the council will need to establish who is likely to use this service and appropriate times for the service to run. This service might run once or twice each month rather than weekly.

Stay Safe Online

Stay safe online and cut the amount of junk mail, unsolicited phone calls, e-mail spam and unwanted text messages.

Junk Mail:

Register with the Mail Preference Service at or by phoning 0845 703 4599.

Unsolicited Phone Calls and Texts:

Register with the Telephone Preference Service at or by phoning 0845 070 0707.

There's Lots of advice on how to stay safe online at

Make sure you have a firewall and anti-virus software installed on your computer. You can find more advice at

Keep kids safe online:

Find out how at

Local Conditions

Nine-day Weather Forecast for East Boldre from XC Weather

Five-day Weather Forecast for Lymington from the Met Office

Two-day, Seven-day, Two-week and Long Term Weather Forecast for Lymington from Metcheck

Lymington weather Forecast from the BBC

Tide information for Lymington from the UK Hydrographic Office

Current Sea Conditions for the Solent from Bramblenet

Full Weather and sea Conditions for Lymington from Channel Coastal Observatory

Live Wind Speed and Direction from Lymington Platform (Needs Internet Explorer)

Discuss local issues with the Parish Council on Twitter


Stonham Home Group Supported Lodgings are looking for homes and role-models for young people between 18-25 who are in need of hosts for supported housing. You can earn between £160 and £200 per week. Click here for more details.

Don’t forget to visit our Small Ads Page. Logs for Sale Dog Sitter Required Home Renovations Etc.

A New Book

Available Now!

The Complete Story of East Boldre Airfield 1910-1920

In 1910, the sleepy village of East Boldre was awestruck by the arrival of a fleet of flying machines and the New Forest School of Aviation - one of the first flying schools in the world. By 1915, the Royal Flying Corps arrived, the personnel soon outnumbering the villagers by three to one. They cleared the heathland, erected massive buildings, flew their machines into trees, knocked off chimney pots and even landed on the Post Office roof.

Superior soft cover book - Our Price £15.00

Sunday 1st September

"A Taste of East Boldre Annual Fair"

East Boldre Village Hall from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm

Allotments open to the public - Fruit and Veg for sale, Plants and Books, Hampshire Wildlife Trust, Artisan Gifts and Crafts, Tombola and Raffle and more, plus lots for the Kids to do.

Free entry and homemade refreshments served all day.

Run by the East Boldre Allotment Association and the Parish Council.

Enquiries and information call 01590 612231 or e-mail

Two Forthcoming Events in East Boldre

Home Village Halls Pilley Players

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