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Local Clubs and Groups - East Boldre Art Group

One Monday morning in January 2020

East Boldre Painters

We are an informal group who meet at the Old School Field Hall on Monday mornings (except for bank holidays and the month of August).  We paint and draw together between 10am and 1 o'clock.  The weekly fee of £3 includes refreshments.

This year we mark the group's 15th anniversary on March 7th. To celebrate we added a preview evening to our annual exhibition held at the village hall in November.  This proved so popular that we intend to make it a regular addition to the exhibition!  We also intend to have a workshop and buffet at the beginning of March.  The exhibition was a great success this year with many encouraging comments, lots of sales and every exhibiting artist receiving public votes for the visitors' "Favourite work" with most votes going to Carol Mileusnic for "New Forest Sunset".

We have occasional demonstrations and workshops but usually choose our own medium and subject.  We regularly chose a subject which each painter can interpret in their own way and these pictures are then displayed at the School Field Hall, so currently some paintings are on the theme of "Heavy Metal" or "My Favourite Things".  We also are grateful to Simon for allowing us to use a small display area at the Turfcutter's Arms.

Here are some photos taken at a typical Monday session in January and some examples of our recent work.  If you would like to join us, you will be made welcome.

Venue: The Old School Fields Hall, Main Road, East Boldre, SO42 7WT

Time: 10:00 am till 1:00 pm every Monday except Bank holidays and those Mondays in August.

Cost: £3 each week, which includes the cost of tea or coffee and biscuits.


Carol on: 07930 663637 or  

Rene on: 01590 612530 or at

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To see more artwork by Carol M, click on the thumbnail of her website below.

Jill likes to work on large textile pieces

Samples of our Art

Dave has been with us for less than a year

Educating Kevin

Acrylic by Jan Hawker

East Boldre Sunset

Watercolour by Carol Mileusnic

Visitors favourite at our 2019 exhibition

Eagle Owl

Watercolour by Gill Woodhead

Napoli 2

Acrylic on canvas by Muriel Mills

1st prize at Bartley Show 2019

Out of the Dark

Acrylic on canvas

by Rene Sanders

Prize Hereford

Acrylic on board by Alison Tilbury

Steaming Ahead

Ink by Carol Short

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