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Parish Council
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Parish News

New Parish Council Website

Click here to go to the new East Boldre Parish Council Website

Your Local Councillors

Michael Harris and Maureen Holding were elected as NFDC councillors for the Brockenhurst and Forest South East Ward. Michael Harris normally attends Parish Council meetings. Contact details are here.

There were too few candidates to contest the Parish Councillors election. East Boldre can have up to seven Parish Councillors. Read more.

Speed Limit Reminder

Too many drivers are speeding through the village. Read more.

Join Community SpeedWatch and do something about it. Read more.

Village Hall News

The East Boldre Village Hall Committee needs more volunteers. Can you help us? Please use our Contact Page to get in touch.

There are TWO NEW PROJECTS underway at the Village Hall:

  • A Historical Archive and Exhibition will be created over the next three years.
  • As part of this, a Time Capsule will be created which will give a 12 month snapshot of life in East Boldre from 1 January to 31 December 2011.

Visit the Village Halls Page for more information on all of these projects.

Parish Council Section - News and Information

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Parish Council Notices May 2020

There has been a further spell of criminal behaviour in East Boldre, including damage to the Village Hall lights and two lots of very offensive graffiti.  The Parish Council find all criminal activity in the village totally unacceptable.  It is important that who ever is responsible for the graffiti in the village to reflect on their antisocial behaviour and the negative effects on the village community as a whole. The Parish Council is working closely with the Police to explore ways to deal with the ongoing criminal activity in our village during the last 12 months. The Community Police have had an active presence in East Boldre and have made good progress engaging with residents.  The council must reiterate the importance of reporting all criminal damage which occurs in the village to the police, either online or by telephoning 101.  Without a full record of criminal activity, the police cannot build an accurate profile of the issues in East Boldre.

The consolidated allotment site has been a hive of activity over the past month with lots of site clearing, planting and new tenants establishing their plots. We only have ¼ vacant plot now and plenty of interest in the allotments from East Boldre residents.

EBOH project is now nearing completion. The interpretation graphics have been approved by NFNPA and the audio equipment (funded by the Beaufort Trust) has been ordered.  

Following concerns about speeding, the police has advised that the village set up a speed watch group. This is now underway and when the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted, the group of volunteers will be out in the village with a speed gun.

Nicola Curzon(Mrs)

Parish Clerk

East Boldre Parish Council

PO BOX 389

SO41 1BG

07562 985631

Parish Council Notices February 2020

Parish Council notes for February 2020 included the following topics: Annual Parish Assembly, Police Beat Surgeries, East Boldre Oral History Project Update, Community Hub Public Meetings, Broadband and WiFi, 112 Bus Survey, HARAH Consultation, and a Defibrillator for East End. Read full details

Parish Council Notices January 2020

Parish Council notes for December are detailed and include the following topics: Antisocial behaviour, parking problems at Matthews lane, County Councillor Mans report, East Boldre Oral History Project update and news about first aid training for residents. Read full details

Parish Council Notices November 2019

Parish Council notices for November are detailed and include information on the EU Settlement Scheme, the proposed site for affordable housing, the East Boldre Oral History Project, parking around Matthews Lane, the bus shelter, the Village Emergency Plan and reports from both the District and County Councillors. Read full details

Parish Council Notices October 2019

Transition New Forest are urging parish councils to declare a climate change crisis.  They have offered plenty of ideas on how the Parish Council could make a difference. Read more

Parish Council Notices September 2019

Several complaints have been made about inconsiderate parking which at times blocks access to Matthews Lane completely and often reduces visibility for residents driving in and out of the lane. The council is looking in to various options to improve this but top of the list is a request to shop visitors to park considerately!

Read more

Parish Council Notices August 2019

  • East Boldre Parish Council is delighted to welcome Lynn Clark, who was co-opted to the council on 13th August.  
  • Read more plus 3 more items

The East Boldre Social History Project

East Boldre Parish Council is about to embark on an exciting new project with grant funding from HCC and NFNPA. This will involve collating memories and social history from East Boldre residents who were born and brought up in the village. Read more.

Consolidation of All Allotment Plots onto Allotment 1

With much thought and deliberation over the past few months, the parish council raised a proposal to consolidate all allotment plots onto allotment site 1, at the Parish Council Meeting on 9th July 2019. Read more

Development of the East Boldre Emergency Plan

You may know that a working group for the Parish Council is in the process of developing an Emergency Plan for the Parish. An essential part of this development is to distribute questionnaires to all households seeking your support as volunteers to assist the village in the event of a serious incident, like a major fire or weather/loss of power event. Read more.

Saturday Bus Service Cancelled

Due to Hampshire County Council cuts, the 112 Saturday bus service ceased running in April this year. At the request of the Parish Council, HCC invited tenders for a replacement taxi or minibus service replacing the bus service once a day on a Saturday. Only one company responded, unfortunately their quote was excessive and would be unsustainable.

The Parish Council has been working hard to find alternative transport to replace the bus service: Read more.

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